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The Evolution of
the Real Estate Industry

Only a few short years ago, homes and land were advertised by word of mouth and sold with a firm handshake. It was a simpler time, when an agent with a fax was high tech, and most deals were done with Polaroids and paperwork. But just like an old Polaroid, those days have long since faded away into obscurity.

These days property deals move at the speed of light. Transactions are digital, instant and happen with the click of a button. Agents build entire websites dedicated to showcasing luxury properties, complete with 3D walkthroughs and dynamic virtual showing options. 

It would be easy for someone on the outside looking in to say that the modern real estate industry is nothing like what it used to be. That everything has changed. 

But they would be wrong.

People are the secret ingredient to running a successful real estate team.

Many of them work in obscurity, tirelessly creating opportunities and innovations that elevate the industry to dizzying heights each year. In spite of the industry impacting virtually everyone in the country and accounting for billions of dollars in sales, there are no “Academy Awards” for Real Estate professionals. Your only recognition was the smiling faces of the families you helped find their forever homes, and the satisfaction and pride of a job well done.

SUCCESS is changing that.

The backbone of the industry is not the tools suite, the tech stack or the pitchfest pipeline of shiny new innovations that get force-fed into your broker’s inbox...

It’s the people. It always has been. It always will be.

That’s the real magic that has made the real estate industry the success it is.

We are launching the Real Estate Trendsetters awards to recognize the people who make this industry great.

Not only the rockstar agents and brokers who built the industry on their backs, but also their rock-solid support staff who are often the glue that holds the team together.

We are recognizing the technology innovators who create ground-breaking software that can revolutionize the industry seemingly overnight, and the old-fashioned hometown brokers who still send handwritten birthday cards out to everyone in their Rolodex. 

These are the people who define the industry. They come from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe. The only constant is their love for the industry and the people they serve.

The Real Estate Trendsetters awards were created to put the focus back where it belongs: on the people who make this industry great. Regardless of the role they serve, Trendsetters are the people who make a difference in real estate. We want to recognize and celebrate these catalysts of change who are revolutionizing the real estate industry.  




1What are the Real Estate Trendsetters awards?
The Real Estate Trendsetters awards were created to celebrate real estate professionals who are leading the industry with their extraordinary efforts to innovate, create and lead by example. SUCCESS will honor these top industry professionals for their contributions to the real estate industry with the Trendsetters awards.
2Who can be nominated?
The Trendsetters awards are about recognizing all stars at any position within the real estate team. We all know it takes more than just the agent to close the sale! That’s why when we set out to create the Real Estate Trendsetters Awards, we knew from the start we wanted to make nominations open to all the amazing professionals in the industry. Agents and brokers are often the faces of the team, but support staff are the glue that hold them together and the technology teams are often the innovators that propel the organization to new levels. These nominations recognize the incredible efforts of any real estate trendsetter who is a catalyst for change in the industry.
3Why should I nominate myself or another person?
SUCCESS is on a mission to seek out professional excellence and showcase it. Over the years, we’ve found that all too often, impact doesn’t equal exposure. More often than not, those who deserve the spotlight never seek out the recognition they truly deserve, because they are too busy working with the skills that made them world-class. That’s where you come in! The Trendsetters awards offer you an opportunity to shine a spotlight on that unsung all-star on your team. Nominate them and celebrate their accomplishments along with the 5.7 million other growth-minded readers across our platforms.
4When is the deadline to submit nominations?
The nomination period will begin June 15, 2022 and conclude September 15, 2022.