The Real Estate Trendsetters awards were created to put the focus back where it belongs: on the people who make this industry great. Regardless of the role they serve, Trendsetters are the people who make a difference in real estate. And we want to recognize and celebrate these agents of change who are revolutionizing the industry. We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. If you have further questions that aren't answered below, please contact [email protected]

1What are the Real Estate Trendsetters awards?
The Real Estate Trendsetters awards were created to celebrate real estate professionals who are leading the industry with their extraordinary efforts to innovate, create and lead by example. SUCCESS will honor these top industry professionals for their contributions to the real estate industry with the Trendsetters awards.
2Who can be nominated?
The Trendsetters awards are about recognizing all-stars at any position within the real estate team. We all know it takes more than just the agent to close the sale! That’s why when we set out to create these awards, we knew from the start we wanted to make nominations open to all the amazing professionals in the industry. Agents and brokers are often the faces of the team, but support staff are the glue that hold them together and the technology teams are often the innovators that propel the entire organization to new levels. These nominations recognize the incredible efforts of any real estate trendsetter who is a catalyst for change in the industry.
3Why should I nominate myself or another person?
SUCCESS is on a mission to seek out professional excellence and showcase it. Over the years, we’ve found that all too often, impact doesn’t equal exposure. More often than not, those who deserve the spotlight never seek out the recognition they truly deserve because they are too busy working with the skills that made them world-class. That’s where you come in! The Trendsetters awards offer you an opportunity to shine a spotlight on that unsung all-star on your team! Nominate them and celebrate their accomplishments along with the 5.7+ million other growth-minded readers across our platforms.
4What information is needed to submit a nomination?
To submit a nomination, we request the following information:
  • Full name
  • Title/position
  • Company
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • A bio to tell us about yourself and why you're a real estate trendsetter (250 word minimum)
  • High-resolution headshot photo
  • Social media links (optional)

If you are nominating someone else, we request the information above about your nominee, as well as your name, email address and phone number, as the nominator.

5When is the deadline to submit nominations?
The nomination period will begin June 15, 2022 and conclude September 15, 2022.
6How will the final list be chosen?
After nominations close on September 15, 2022, a diverse panel of highly esteemed judges from across the industry will carefully review nominees to determine the final list. Twenty-five (25) finalists will be chosen equitably, at the sole discretion of the committee, based on a range of criteria set forth by SUCCESS.
7What does the $495 processing fee cover?
The processing fee pays for SUCCESS’ internal costs in organizing and promoting the search as well as its honorees, including the time and resources spent sourcing the esteemed panel of judges, the costs to produce the recognition pieces in the magazine and online, and the time considerations for further content partnerships.
8What happens if I’m selected?
Our top 25 honorees will receive: Social assets commemorating the accomplishment; dedicated coverage across SUCCESS’ multimedia channels, with a combined reach of more than 5.7 million; Real Estate Trendsetters commemorative award; consideration for future coverage with SUCCESS; exclusive partnership opportunities and advertising discounts.
9What happens if I’m not selected?
In addition to the overall goal of recognizing trailblazers in the real estate industry, this effort is also intended to showcase to the SUCCESS editorial staff the overall body of work of each nominee. All entrants will be considered for content engagements in 2022 and beyond, including social media collaborations, podcast and videocast appearances, and stories and bylines in SUCCESS magazine and SUCCESS Online.
10How can I make my nominee profile shine?
Nominations require the submission of a high-resolution headshot and 250-word bio that will be published on the Real Estate Trendsetters website, as well as contact information. Your nominee profile will be visible to thousands of visitors, so we strongly recommend providing a professional headshot and a professional bio that includes professional titles, designations and accomplishments as well as personal achievements. See specific requirements below: Headshot must be high resolution (1 MB or larger); not include others in the image; and not feature any branding. Bio must not exceed 500 words. The minimum is 250 words. Nominations will not be approved or added to the website until these requirements are met.
11I have a question that isn’t covered here. Whom do I contact?
Please send all additional questions to [email protected].